Yes, adding just one word can change everything!
Un tout petit mot peut tout changer…
Voici un exemple :
Give in: to give in to something/somebody, hand in -> céder à qqlch/qqn ou rendre qqlch
Eg. He argued for a while but then gave in. / Have you given in your homework?
Give over: stop doing something-> donner/ arrêter qqlch
Eg. Give over pretending you’re still a teenager.
Give back: return -> rendre, restituer
Eg. Make sure you give back the keys!
 Give way: yield, break or collapse -> céder, s’écrouler
Eg. Give way to traffic coming from the right. / The chair gave way to his weight.
Give up: stop trying, resign -> renoncer à qqlch, laisser tomber, quitter
Eg. Don’t give up hope!
Give away: hand over, reveal (information) -> donner/distribuer/révéler
Eg. Let’s give away some prizes!