Everyone knows that exercising makes muscles stronger. Miss a week (or month), and it’s harder to get back into the routine. The same is true for learning languages. So this summer, if you’re flying off to someplace exotic, or just planning a comfortable staycation, here are some ways to keep those linguistic muscles moving and grooving.

Join English-speaking groups

Summer is a great time to meet native English speakers or even French speakers who are learning English. There are even several events in and around Lyon that even do the organising for you! Check out kotopo.net for international and cultural exchanges.

Speak to tourists

If you really want to be bold, speak to the tourists. Thousands of English speakers come to Lyon every summer, and not all of them speak French. Why not give them directions, and offer suggestions for your favourite places to go and things to do. If you have the time, guiding them to your destination can even give you the opportunity for a nice chat.

Go VO!

If you are a cinema enthusiast, summer is usually an abundant time for blockbuster films. Whether you like the superhero, horror, or animated comedy genre, there’s bound to be a film to suit your taste. Just make sure to choose the séance in English.

If in doubt, pick up a good book

You won’t even need an Internet connection. Check the newsstands and local libraries for English language books or newspapers and magazines such as Time, The International Herald Tribune, or the Guardian Newspaper Unlimited.