Since 2009, Version Originale has been adapting to your needs and those of your firm to offer personalised, tailor-made services that fully meet your requirements and expectations. Specialised in supporting professionals and firms operating in an international context, Version Originale proposes a comprehensive range of language services including training, translation and proofreading in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish etc.

Our goal? Help you to optimise your communication on an international scale.

Our experienced team brings together people with varied, complementary profiles, ideally placed to develop sustainable partnerships and provide long-term support for our clients.

In addition to our in-house team, we call on our network for external translators and trainers, hand-picked for their specific expertise and professionalism.

This allows us to provide you with the right person with the right skill set for the job in hand.

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We offer made-to-measure language training (English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch etc.) adapted to your specific needs and constraints in order to offer a personalised language service that meets all your requirements.

We set tangible, specific objectives with our clients to help them further their personal and professional plans.

The VO difference:

  • Encourage: A friendly, welcoming team who does everything in their power to put you at ease and optimise your progress.
  • Challenge: Our team works with determination and skill to push you beyond your comfort zone and meet your objectives.
  • Change: Our diverse and experienced trainers work alongside you to attain tangible, measurable results.
  • Made-to-measure: Our training courses are 100% made-to-measure in terms of the objectives, times, method, content, location and choice of languages.

Contact us today for an appointment to discuss your needs and prepare a training proposal adapted to your level, needs, budget and funding (CPF etc.)


  • For our made-to-measure language services
  • For our approach that combines performance and well-being
  • For our expertise and skills
  • For the variety of languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese etc.
  • For our fun-loving, welcoming team
  • For the warm welcome and the environment adapted to learning


I used my DIF training entitlement to improve my English for work. After attending English training for 1.5 hrs a week over a year, my English has improved significantly. The training sessions were adapted to my interests and needs, the firm is totally reliable, the atmosphere is great, and the trainers are excellent, especially Jenny. I recommend them highly!

Rémi Lo Monaco, Technical Sales Engineer, Eric Jaeger France

A flexible offering adapted to my needs which moved on over the course of the year I was in training. The range of materials used and subjects tackled, without ever dumbing down, was great. The trainer’s tolerance and patience builds your confidence and motivates you to speak and work hard. The team is very attentive to your needs and constraints.

Nicholas Guy, Training Manager, Sysco France

I cannot speak highly enough of Version Originale to whom I am extraordinarily grateful for turning an English training course into THE solution to a major challenge: a series of job interviews in English… passed with flying colours!

The individual training offered was already a tempting proposition, but the fact that I was able to work with an experienced, qualified trainer who is open-minded and an excellent listener, and who knows how to adapt their training to the need in question and to offer the right advice at the right time, really surpassed my expectations. To top it all off the Version Originale team is available, responsive and lovely! What more could you ask for? Well done and keep up the good work!

Isabelle Weiler, Trade & Industry Manager, Euratex

I worked with Version Originale for a five-year period. At the outset, the aim was just to maintain my level of English. However, this training course very quickly developed into a genuine collaboration providing assistance in putting together projects for my foreign colleagues. Version Originale gave me much more than the language skills, offering the benefits of their experience in project management and business development. VO helped me to structure and develop my presentation materials, and coached me prior to delivering presentations and training in English.

Sandrine Deleplanque, Directeur Collectivités, Véolia Eau

I first contacted VO to ask them to translate my CV, which they did very quickly, including a series of exchanges and questions on my sector of activity (IT) to ensure the quality of the final document. VO then supported me through the job interview process to prepare for a phone interview in English: two sessions were scheduled to fit in with my availability and I was particularly happy to have written feedback on the corrections and areas for improvement. I felt much more confident during the interview!

Anthony Roussange, Project Management Consultant


In today’s globalized world, we are producing, copying, sending, reading and archiving an ever-increasing number of documents in an ever-increasing number of languages.

The quality of these documents is a reflection of the image people have of your firm. Version Originale proposes its translation services to ensure these documents are of the highest possible quality and accuracy.

How does it work?

  • Need a document translated into another language? (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian)
  • Send the document to (if possible) and let us know when you need it for
  • We will send you a quote confirming the deadline
  • We will produce the translation for the agreed date using the translator best suited to your project.

Our top priority? To provide high-quality and accurate translations consistently, delivered on time.

Examples of projects:

  • Our clients: SME, private-sector groups, universities, NGOs, communications agencies, hospitals etc.
  • Their projects: scientific and medical articles, websites, job announcements, marketing documents, press kits, CVs, business plans and proposals, presentations, training materials, technical specifications, contracts, SOPs, emails etc.


  • For top quality translations, adapted to their intended purpose and cultural differences
  • For our language assistance service – a hotline to answer your questions and produce short day-to-day translations with a very quick turnaround
  • For our range of packages covering regular translations to optimize costs and delivery times
  • For our judicious use of CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools to handle large volumes and ensure coherency between projects
  • For the close collaboration between client and translator to ensure the best possible end result
  • For our team of experienced and efficient general and specialist translators (legal, medical, technical etc.) all working in their mother tongue


As part of our export development, we called on Version Originale for our technical translations (English, Spanish, German and Dutch).

We have worked together for five years now and we appreciate the professionalism of the support they offer, as well as the excellent turnaround of both the quotes and the translations. Delivery is quick and the working relationship extremely pleasant.

Ella Lazar, Executive Assistant, Mobilev Cranes

We have used the services of Version Originale for many years. As an Executive Search firm we have to be extremely precise and accurate when reporting on our candidates to our international clients.

The translations produced by Version Originale are of the highest quality and communicate the subtleties inherent to this type of feedback.

Philippe Palacin, Managing Directeur Algoe Executive Stanton Chase France

For a number of years we have used Version Originale for our weekly translations.

We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Version Originale, both in terms of the accuracy of the translations, and their utmost professionalism.

Thanks to all the Version Originale team for meeting our needs, thanks for your quick turnarounds, your availability and your consistently warm welcome. Well done!

Henrik Hagelin, Director, Expand Display France

I have used Version Originale’s translation services for ten years. The team was recommended to me by a coworker. I use VO for our most important translations. Their work allows us to communicate the messages we take great care to craft in other languages. At Version Originale, I work with people who are friendly and welcoming, capable of adapting to tight deadlines and working on documents dealing with a variety of subjects. I work with a dedicated, loyal and professional team who I trust completely.

Perle Jonot, Fédération Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion

I really appreciate the excellent response times and efficiency of the Version Originale team. We have worked with them for several years on translations from French to English and appreciate the relationship we have with them as a client.

I also like the fact that VO takes the time to understand the background to the translations we are asking them to produce. This year we asked them to work on translations from French to Italian and worked with the network of VO translators.

This was a great success, with the translation of a training module that I will deliver to a client in Italian. I was also able to experience a day of mentoring with the Italian translator to prepare to deliver the training course… it really boosted by confidence! I was really pleased to come and work in your offices and to meet the whole VO team.

Charles Dubourg, Associate Consultant Optim Ressources