One of the hot topics of the day is how our society is going to emerge from the Covid crisis. Everyone agrees that the pandemic has accelerated and increased our desire for change, but the real question is: which of these changes are set to stay and which are not?

Professional and personal changes

In the workplace we have seen significant advances in technology, communication, organization and management and explored the advantages and disadvantages of remote working. On a personal level we have never been more aware of our mental health or given quite so much thought to what is really important to us.

Long-term consequences

Company leaders are now dealing with the fallout: making organizational decisions for the future whilst dealing with continuing uncertainty, complexity and demotivation in the ranks. This post-crisis management is less adrenaline-fueled than the crisis management phase and we might be lulled into a false sense of security, feeling that the worst is behind us. However, the decisions we make today will not only apply for the duration of the pandemic but will be enshrined in the long term.

Think before you act

It is therefore crucial that we think before we act, take stock, and reassess our options in order to create our own “new normal”. Because what is right for one person or one company is not necessarily right for you, and following the crowd at this point in time may well be detrimental – even fatal – to your business.

So now is the time to take time out with your management team, your network – or with a business coach – to figure out what your new normal looks like for you, your teams, your business and your industry.

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